Instructor Training


25th-30th May 2024

Instructor: Moravia Naranjo

Instructor Training

About the course

It is very easy to learn how to do this treatment and it is fun to do. You can see, and your client will notice, the changes immediately.

The sequence of the session follows the natural order of the body. All the basic principles of all of the YAMUNA® work are applied. The treatment starts with direct bone stimulation, and then moves out from where the tendon attaches to the bone and then down into the body of the muscle towards its insertion. The ball is used as traction to achieve greater length, tone and freedom of movement. The constant goal of the therapist is to correct alignment of bones and muscles throughout the body and effortlessly increase the client’s freedom of movement.

People get off the table and know they have had a session. The legs feel free, the hips are super loose, and the torso and head are floating upward. Clients love this work!

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Moravia Naranjo

Meet the instructor

Originally from Venezuela, Moravia has been living and working in Vienna, Austria since 2001.

After many years of working professionally as a contemporary dancer, in 2007 she found another passion in teaching pilates and Yamuna body rolling and was the first certified Yamuna trainer in Austria, working under the founder Yamuna Zake, she has been granted her position as Senior Teacher Trainer for conducting Yamuna table treatments certifications.

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Yamuna® Table Treatment

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