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Cornwall’s first fitness classes.
Based between Truro and Falmouth

  • Awaken
  • Release
  • Move

The techniques that Dione teaches are life-changing. With each movement taught, the body achieves extraordinary release, freedom and flexibility. All the exercises are tailored to the individual and I’ve gained strength and mobility in my back and knee.

What’s more, Dione’s wit and humour make her training sessions fun.

This is a true gift for those who choose to come here.

Dione Cowley, founder of Dione Studios

The method is no ordinary exercise

  • If you’re held back by aches and pains caused by injury or age…
  • If your current workout routine bores you…
  • If you’re daunted by the effort to get fit again…
  • If you’re fed up trying different exercises that just don’t feel right for your body…
Then let’s change that…
Because exercise should feel good – whatever your fitness level or body shape
Dione Cowley, founder of Dione Studios

Everyone deserves a body that moves freely and with ease

  • Get a full workout without having to ‘sweat it out’
  • Experience an exercise routine you actually enjoy doing
  • Hit the places that often get missed in other forms of exercise so you can strengthen your body and move without pain.
  • Improve your posture, boost your energy and reduce your stress.
  • Enjoy freedom of movement for your whole body.
Discover the intelligent way to exercise
I’m finally pain free

There is nothing like Dione Studios. When I started classes in my late sixties, I came with decades of poor posture, a vulnerability to lower back problems, and over a decade of nerve pain caused by upper back rigidity.

Now, with the help of Dione Studios, I’m in my third year of being completely pain-free. I know how to nip problems in the bud.


Fitness classes and sessions for everyone

Dione Cowley, Gyrotonic® Trainer, founder of Dione Studios

Hi, I’m Dione

When I was 8 years old, a fall left me with a fractured spine and constant pain. As I got older, I spent years trying everything… chiropractors, exercise, yoga, pilates. But nothing gave me the relief I was yearning for.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to Gyrotonic that I worked out how to put myself back together again. By learning how to move intelligently I could finally limber my joints and strengthen forgotten muscles so my spine could become supple and strong. It was the pain-free movement I’d wanted for so long.

Gyrotonic and the systems I teach have worked for me. They work for my clients and…they will work for you too.

Shall we begin?…

Alignment restored

Dione has helped me restore my alignment, so I can finally move pain-free. She’s a very special lady.


Feel better than you’ve ever felt before

Getting started is easy


your class or session

Choose the session that best suits you.


your body

Enjoy a series of movements and exercises to stretch, strengthen, relax and inspire.


the difference

Stretch and strengthen your body to improve your posture, and increase your energy.

Dione Cowley, Gyrotonic® Trainer, founder of Dione Studios

Our “feel-the-difference” promise

We’re confident you’ll feel an improvement within a single fitness class.

So, if you don’t feel a difference, let us know before you leave your first workout, and we’ll refund 100% of your money. How can we say fairer than that?

So, you’ve nothing to lose (and so much to gain!)

Exercise that feels good for you and your body