Breath Fit classes:


Classes suitable for all ages and abilities

Breath Fit classes:

Unlock the power of your breath for strength, vitality and well-being

Your greatest healing power is within you, and you can unlock it in the way you breathe. 

This class complements all other exercise methods by using the balls to focus the breath on different parts of the body. 

Try it. You’ll feel the benefits immediately. 

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Feel better than you’ve ever felt before

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your class or session

Pre-book sessions for just £15 per session booked monthly in advance. Or simply drop in for £20


into your body

Enjoy a series of breathing exercises to free restrictions and heal your body from the inside out


the difference

When you breathe better, you feel better and you live better. 

Life changing

“You can use the power of your breath every day for strength, for vitality, for well-being.”

Yamuna Zake
Dione Cowley, Gyrotonic® Trainer, founder of Dione Studios

Our “feel-the-difference” promise

We’re confident you’ll feel an improvement within a single fitness class.

So, if you don’t feel a difference, let us know before you leave your first workout, and we’ll refund 100% of your money. How can we say fairer than that?

So try Breath Fit today and feel the difference immediately

You may be wondering…

Do you move in a Breath Fit class?

Yes, this class moves between postures to direct the breath into different areas of restrictions in order to promote release and healing.

What are the benefits of Breath Fit classes?

The benefits are endless. The average person uses only 15% of their breath capacity. By learning to breath fully you improve heart function, circulation, and all other body functions. 

For example, Breath Fit improves organ function and range of motion so the joints, muscle tone, flexibility, postural alignment, bone quality and circulation all improve. It’s also very good for Parkinson’s and MS. 

What exactly do you do in a Breath Fit class?

During the warm-up, you will learn how to access all of your lungs. Then we will organise your posture through your breath. Finally, you’ll use a Yamuna ball to bring focus to difference parts of the body and improve the range and function of this area. 

I know how to breathe, so why will this work for me?

There are many different breathing techniques out there. With The Yamuna Breath Work, you to expand the different parts of the torso FROM THE INSIDE OUT using the breath. Restricted/tight areas get a much better and deeper stretch /release that can’t be achieved if they were only stretched externally.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, this work will benefit everyone. Whatever you age and whatever you level of fitness. 

Is it a specific type of ball that’s used in this class, and do I need to buy my own?

Yes, we use specific density balls designed for the body to avoid injury. We will supply you with these for use during your class, or you can buy your own if you would like to use them for practising at home.

How often should I practise Breath Fit?

Just 15 mins a day will give you huge benefits, but just incorporating this into your fitness practises when you have time will do wonders.

Can I practise Breath Fit at home by myself?

Absolutely, we encourage you to practise at home from as little as 15 mins a day. And we can even supply you with online recordings to make this easier to fit into your daily routines.