Yamuna face ball


Roll away your wrinkles, head and neck pain.

Enjoy a relaxed and stress-free glow. 

Do you carry the tension and stresses of the day in the muscles of your face?

Do you frown or clench your jaw?

Do you squint and strain your eyes?

Face ball relaxes your neck and face, increases circulation and tone, and rolls away the stresses of the weeks and years to reduce tension headaches, improve tone and diminish signs of ageing. 

And what’s more, you’ll see and feel the effects immediately.

This is the natural facelift you’ve been waiting for. 

Feel better than you’ve ever felt before.

Getting started is easy…


your class or session

Pre-book sessions for just £15 per session booked monthly in advance. Or simply drop in for £20 (no-commitment)

One-to-one sessions just £60.


Whether you choose a one-to-one session or group class you’ll learn to use the face ball technique to roll away stress and relax your neck and face.


the difference

Reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and enjoy the natural facelift you’ve always wanted. 

Attend 10 classes and GET ONE FREE!

You may be wondering…

What is Face Ball?

Either done in a class or a tailored private session, the instructor will teach you how to use a face ball for direct bone stimulation which is crucial in working on the face. By aligning the bones and releasing impact from them relaxes the face and balances all the cranial bones. This in turn improves mental function and gives a sense of well being.

The more you increase circulation, realign the bones and activate the face muscles, the healthier your skin will be.

How many sessions does it take to start feeling a difference?

The effects of Face Ball can be felt immediately, so you will feel the difference just after one session.

What are the benefits of Face Ball?

If you suffer from Headaches, TMJ Pain, Sinus problems, Eye strain, Or if you just simply want to counteract the unhealthy effects of aging, then Face ball is for you.

Can I do Face Ball on myself?

Absolutely, in class you will be taught how to do this on your own and we encourage a weekly practice at home.

How long do Face Ball sessions last?

Classes and one-to-one sessions are both 60 minutes long.